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Stubborn inflammation can keep you from feeling your best. At Rejuvenate Health in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Bradley Morris, DC, and Moshe Dekel, MD, help you achieve relief. The practice offers state-of-the-art solutions, including blood irradiation therapy. This procedure uses UV light to fight infection. Blood irradiation therapy can restore your body's natural balance without pharmaceuticals. Rejuvenate Health offers a range of other wellness services to help you achieve your health goals. To learn more, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Ultravoilet Light Blood Irradiation Q & A

What is UV light blood irradiation?

Laser light provides natural antimicrobial effects. Ultraviolet (UV) light helps destroy viruses and bacteria in your bloodstream and can boost your body's immune system. Blood irradiation procedures harness the power of lasers to improve your health. 

Studies have shown that blood irradiation therapy may produce anti-inflammatory markers. It can also improve circulation, providing your tissues with extra oxygen. If you struggle with chronic illness, blood irradiation therapy may reduce your symptoms. 

At Rejuvenate Health, you work with a qualified physician. They provide top-quality care to help you achieve your wellness goals. Your Rejuvenate Health provider’s expertise ensures top-quality results from blood irradiation therapy. 

What are some health benefits of UV light blood irradiation?

Research has shown that blood irradiation therapy may help with:

  • Infections
  • Inflammation
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Metabolic problems
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Side effects of chemotherapy

Blood irradiation therapy doesn't cure these conditions, but it gives your immune system a boost and helps your body fight against the disease. 

Boosting circulation also supplies your tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Healthy blood flow can help your body balance its hormones and produce new cells.

What happens during a UV light blood irradiation session?

Many forms of blood irradiation therapy are available, and the team at Rejuvenate Health determines which type is right for you. During your consultation, they explain what to expect from your session. 

During most sessions, you relax in a comfortable chair. The team hooks you to an IV and removes a small amount of blood; then, they use a special machine to expose your blood to UV light. Your blood then flows directly back into your body. 

Blood irradiation therapy doesn't involve any permanent blood loss. The procedure removes about a cup of blood and restores the blood to your body right away. Most patients experience no side effects and minimal discomfort.

Is UV light blood irradiation safe?

Blood irradiation therapy is safe for most patients, but before your procedure begins, the Rejuvenate Health team reviews your medical history. They check for health problems that may interfere with your results. 

Individual results may vary. Most patients feel improvement right away, but you may need several treatments to achieve optimal results. If you have a weak immune system, results may appear gradually as your body rebuilds itself.

The Rejuvenate Health team can help you create a personalized treatment schedule and explain when you can expect to see results, and what changes you might experience. 

Let Rejuvenate Health provide cutting-edge wellness solutions. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.