Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cells present a wide range of healing opportunities. At Rejuvenate Health, Moshe Dekel, MD, and Bradley Morris, DC, harness stem cells to deliver regenerative medicine or medicine treatments that help your body heal itself. If you have muscular or joint pain, this minimally invasive, safe treatment might be right for you. Call the office in Hilton Head, South Carolina, or make a stem cell therapy appointment online for more information.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What is stem cell therapy?

During stem cell therapy, your Rejuvenate Health provider takes some of your body’s own stem cells and introduces them into the area you want to treat. Stem cells are basically raw, unprogrammed cells. As they divide, they can differentiate themselves into blood cells, bone cells, and other kinds of specialized cells. 

This process makes stem cells powerful when your body needs resources to heal an area. Whether it needs new muscle cells to repair damaged tissue or new bone cells to reverse damage in a joint, stem cells give it materials to do the required work. 

As a result, stem cell therapy can treat a variety of conditions. At Rejuvenate Health, the team of regenerative medicine experts uses stem cell therapy for patients with:

  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Elbow pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot or hand pain
  • Torn or strained muscles
  • Torn or strained ligaments
  • Damaged cartilage

If you have an injury, you want to heal quickly or chronic joint pain that interferes with your quality of life, ask your Rejuvenate Health provider if stem cell therapy could be right for you.

Where do the stem cells come from?

Most adult tissue has at least a few stem cells. Your provider can gather the necessary stem cells from the right location — your bone marrow or fat, for example — to inject into the treatment area. 

Because the stem cells come from your own body, there’s no risk of your system rejecting them or your experiencing an adverse reaction. 

What should I expect during stem cell therapy?

The Rejuvenate Health team designed this treatment with your comfort in mind. Your Rejuvenate Health provider talks through the entire process with you, including both the stem cell harvesting and injection into the treatment site, to ensure you know what to expect during each step. 

You should experience little downtime with stem cell therapy, and the risks of this treatment are minimal. After the procedure, your body goes to work, utilizing the newly introduced stem cells. Once it does, you should have less pain and increased function in the treated area. 

In addition to stem cell therapy, the team at Rejuvenate Health offers other types of regenerative medicine like platelet-rich plasma (PRP). With a variety of treatment options, they can choose the right one for you. 

To learn more about stem cell therapy and the other treatments available at Rejuvenate Health, call the office or book an appointment online today.