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If you have loose, sagging facial skin, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. At Rejuvenate Health in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Bradley Morris, DC, and Moshe Dekel, MD, offer advanced solutions for facial sagging. Forma and Morpheus8 procedures rejuvenate your skin without surgery and boost collagen production for firmer, youthful-looking skin. To learn more about nonsurgical skin tightening, call the office today, or schedule an appointment online.

Skin Tightening Q & A

What causes skin sagging?

Your skin contains two essential proteins: collagen and elastin. Collagen keeps your skin plump and helps your skin stay in place. Elastin allows your skin to move freely and return to its original shape.

As you get older, your skin's collagen and elastin begin to break down. Over time, you may develop facial sagging and drooping, or notice new or deeper wrinkles. Facial sagging can make you look older than you are. Correcting facial sagging is often a priority for patients seeking professional skin care.

How can I tighten my skin?

At Rejuvenate Health, the team offers two advanced skin tightening treatments. These in-office options can help you achieve youthful-looking skin without surgery.

Forma skin tightening uses radiofrequency heat to remodel the tissues in your face. During a Forma treatment, your provider uses an electrode to apply targeted heat to facial skin. The device uses controlled temperatures, so there's no pain and no risk of burns.

Forma is ideal for sagging or wrinkling in the:

  • Forehead
  • Upper eyelids
  • Lower eyelids
  • Laugh lines
  • Lower face
  • Neck

Rejuvenate Health offers Morpheus8, a minimally invasive treatment for sagging skin. Morpheus8 uses full-body fractional technology to target the deepest skin layers. This treatment stimulates college production deep within your skin to create a natural anti-aging effect.

Morpehus8 can tighten the skin in any area of your body. But most patients receive treatment on their lower face or neck.

What results can I expect?

During your consultation at Rejuvenate Health, your provider examines your skin. They ask about your goals, determine which treatment is right for you, and explain how many treatments you'll need.

Most patients who receive Forma or Morpheus8 see results within a few days, but you may need 1-3 treatments for optimal results. Since collagen continues to break down over time, you may need occasional touch-ups. 

Rejuvenate Health delivers ongoing care to preserve your results. The team offers a variety of aesthetic services so you can maintain a youthful appearance.

What other aesthetic treatments are available?

Rejuvenate Health provides a range of aesthetic treatments, including laser hair removal. The practice also features Lumecca, a revolutionary treatment for brown spots, redness, and rosacea. Aesthetic procedures can also provide laser skin resurfacing to reveal a brighter complexion. 

If you're not satisfied with the way your skin looks, Rejuvenate Health can help. Let the experienced team provide top-quality skin care. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.