Bradley C Morris, DC

radley C. Morris, DC, is a licensed chiropractor at Rejuvenate Health, located in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and the best functional doctor in the low country. Bradley has a special interest and expertise in pain management and has written a book titled “Pain Is Not a Lifestyle.” His commitment to providing the best treatments for his patients has led him to pursue numerous advanced training opportunities and certifications.

In addition to certification in chiropractic care, Bradley is a registered Trigenics practitioner who can provide manual and mechanically involved manipulation of the nerves thanks to his training in Trigenics Myoneural Medicine. He earned a gluten practitioner certification after completing advanced courses in functional blood chemistry and thyroid studies. Bradley is also certified to use the K-Laser by American Functional Neurology Institute.

His interest in chiropractic care took hold when he was just eight-years-old and received chiropractic treatments for his chronic ear infections. Inevitably, this lead him to Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri, where he earned his doctor of chiropractic degree. Bradley excelled during his collegiate years and received the Health Center Achievement Award and earned dean’s list honors for his outstanding academic achievements.

When Bradley isn’t busy helping his patients at Rejuvenate Health, he enjoys spending time with his wife Barbara, and their three children, as well as playing golf, spending time on the beach fishing and exercising.

Moshe Dekel, MD

Like all physicians for Moshe Dekel, MD, of Rejuvenate Health, located in Hilton Head, South Carolina, healing patients, preventing disease, and restoring health have always been his tenets of practicing medicine. But when Dr. Dekel began his medical career nearly four decades ago, he had no idea those same principles would lead him on a path to integrate traditional and holistic medicine and to becoming a noted expert in the field.

Today Dr. Dekel serves as a leader in complementary and integrative medicine as the clinical director at Rejuvenate Health, the Lowcountry of South Carolina’s cutting-edge medical facility providing superior personalized care by integrating the best of traditional and holistic medicine. Dr. Dekel also practices bio-energetic medicine and is a Defeat Autism Now (DAN), certified practitioner.

Dr. Dekel’s special interests and expertise include breast thermography, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, anxiety, chronic pain, and mood and sleep disorders. He earned his medical degree at the University of Bologna Medical School, Italy, and completed his postdoctoral training with a residency in obstetrics and gynecology.

After practicing for about 20 years, his personal health led him to open his eyes to holistic medicine. He began to seek out alternative medicine and holistic conferences, read books on the subject and consult with the early pioneers in the field. The ultimate goal was to glean as much knowledge and expertise as he could so he could provide his patients with the best care available.

Now more than 20 years later, Dr. Dekel’s patients at Rejuvenate Health reap the benefits of his storied journey. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dekel, and receive comprehensive care that addresses your mind, body, and spirit, call the office or request an appointment online.