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Rejuvenate Health, located in Hilton Head, South Carolina, is the Lowcountry’s cutting-edge medical facility that provides superior personalized care by integrating the best of traditional medicine with holistic medicine. Under the leadership of Moshe Dekel, MD, Rejuvenate Health was founded on the belief that the best medical care is only delivered when the providers view patients as more than a collection of symptoms. 

The highly skilled team at Rejuvenate Health uses a mindful, integrative approach that takes into consideration a patient’s mind, body, and spirit while addressing their individual medical issues and promoting health and wellness. This holistic path to healing provides a more comprehensive treatment modality that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of conventional medicine without sacrificing any benefits of cutting-edge medicine. 

The highly experienced team at Rejuvenate Health provides a variety of different services to restore their patients to optimal health. Services include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, stem cell therapy, cold laser therapy, and ozone therapy. The team employs functional, regenerative, and traditional medicine to address issues related to obesity, digestive problems, anxiety, pain, and hormonal imbalances. They also offer chiropractic care and neurology services in-office. 

If you are having problems getting to the bottom of your medical issues, call Rejuvenate Health, or book an appointment online today.

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Words from our patients

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    "Everyone at Rejuvenate Health is very kind and caring. So far working with Dr Brad. He makes me hopeful and almost happy again. Good health is coming back to me."

    Connie D.
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    "Dr. Dekel has helped me several times when traditional doctors found 'nothing wrong' with me. His approach is simple. He helps the body heal itself naturally."

    Ray P.
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    "These people are so wonderful and compassionate. You can tell when people truly care about your health, and they do. I went in for an adjustment and Dr. Morris is..."

    Eileen H.
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    "I highly recommend Dr. Dekel. In fact, I am always referring my family and friends to Dr. Dekel. You will not be disappointed in him."

    I S
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    "If you didn't Know What was wrong with you when you went in to see Dr Morris, You will KNOW when you leave! He Finds the Answers.. No One should live in pain... "

    Stacey A.
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    "This is a very caring, knowledgeable holistic doctor, who takes time to listen and give thoughtful responses to your health concerns."

    Pamela T.
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    "If you want your medical problems truly taken care of, Dr. Dekel is the person to see. He sincerely cares about his patients."

    Donna S.
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    "Unlike most of the other doctors I have seen Dr. Dekel takes a genuine interest in his patients' lives, is very generous with his time, and truly listens."

    Lisa M.
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